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The Original Long Sleeve

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The Original Meshugge ('crazy') long sleeve t-shirt. If you are like us, you are always in between two temperatures. You want a t-shirt that protects your arms when it's sunny ("wear sunscreen!"), and you want a t-shirt that covers your arms when it's chilly ("you're gonna catch cold"). We understand.

noun_cotton_3849690_1c0bfda8-a5e3-4f37-923c-1fae9acfe259_32x32.png.webp 100% Cotton*

noun_Tshirt_4200294_b8481b13-82ef-48ef-8d0e-c73fda0362cb_32x32.png.webp Regular Fit

noun_Tag_1560911_76acc5bf-9e9a-405c-9a5b-9107d82e2f13_32x32.png.webp 'Meshugge' print on left chest

noun_design_1546233_2ab06b4a-64c6-4923-a02f-c68356e1039e_32x32.png.webp Available in Jake Grey, Black, Navy, Light Grey, Forest Green, & White

We use a '90s style Fruit of The Loom long sleeve because it's your Grandpa's favorite brand to have mustard stains on.

*light grey has 2% polyester


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